Essay on What's Equality?

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This essay has three main parts; it will attempt to provide an answer to the question. What is equality? The term equality has many connotations in the English language; therefore, it will be necessary to use it in the societal context. It will be required to take a brief look at the history of equality using examples and references from such writers as Marx, and Tawney. Following on, a more current outline will be used to provide a more up to date perspective. The assignment will then proceed to give a definition, with examples, to the meaning of equal opportunity. For the purpose this essay the, more, general term will be used to describe equal opportunity. Attention will also be paid to the relevant legislation that underpins equal …show more content…
Marx rejects the idea of a natural hierarchical order, equality, for that reason, defaults as the natural state of being in a socialist and later Communist society. Marx does qualify this by admitting that humans are not equal physically or mentally. Equality, in this view, is based on their contribution to society and the state. Moreover, Socialists would contend that equality of opportunity should prevail, “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” (Marx 1859). Equality should incorporate needs, as suggested by Maslow (1943) every person has the right to his or her basic needs friendship and love, security, and physical needs. Most people throughout their lives attain these basic needs but there are many people who do not. For example, people who are homeless, disabled, and people with no friends or family. There is no simple definition of equality or how this state of utopia could exist; however, the concept of equality is a well- meaning achievable goal. Equality is about rejoicing in diversity rather than imposing identicalness Lister (1977) argues that ‘equality and differences are not incompatible; they only become so if equality is understood to mean sameness’. This, of course, should not mean that everybody is or should be the same, as human beings we are as different socially as we are biologically. The differences

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