Whats Going Wrong in Public School

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What is going wrong with schools? There is a lot wrong with schools, and easier question these days is, What's right with schools? Sadly the list would be shorter. The public school system in America today is sadly lacking, not just in the field of academic achievement. Children are, in effect, risking their lives by attending school. Critical attacks from disturbed students are spreading like a plague. Every year, there is increase in the number of students who give up education after high school and start working in minimum wage jobs/unskilled jobs. Stereotypes between smart and dumb students and racism are the biggest issues student faces in school education system. The public education system always gives priority to students who…show more content…
The education gap in the U.S. between different races is growing wider and wider, and equal education opportunity is being undermined. Although free universal public education was adopted early in U.S. history, equal opportunity has never been realized. In the movie Escalante stated that "those (AP Calculus) scores would have never been questioned if my kids did not have Spanish surnames and come from barrio schools. You know that " When ethnicity and culture are made indistinguishable, schools become full with stereotypes. The school which supposes to teach students that we are all equal is the cause of racism. Moore argued in his essay saying that students learn stuff which they are forced to learn. Also, students tend to learn more from the environment where they spend most of their time in. "They learn that to rock the boat could get them rocked right out of the school. Don't question authority. Do as you're told. Don't think, just do as I say"(Moore 168). Both movie and Moore's essay illustrates that how racism is followed by various grop od people, directly and indirectly. Most of the time in past and at some point in present, racism have been mainly practiced by teachers and they are the one tell their students to follow it. Racism has its roots in the belief that some people are superior because they belong to a particular race, ethnic or national group. In any measures, racism weakens children's self-esteem and grind down the educational process. The
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