What´s Knowledge Management?

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(Remenyi, 2004).It is not facile to implement knowledge management successfully; in as much as it offers. Knowledge management panaceas depending on technology have not produced convincing results considering that more money has been spent. Remenyi went on to say that knowledge management is far more than a technological issue and thus, what is really entailed is a rethink with a prominence on the people side of knowledge management and such approach is the use of a knowledge café.

David Gurteen and Dan Remenyi (2004) defined a knowledge café as a mode of bringing a group of people together to have an open, ingenious conversation on a topic of mutual interest to share ideas and to gain a deeper collective understanding of the subject and the issues related to and surrounding that subject. This technique is all about the comfortable or cushy ambience, setting drawing out the tacit knowledge related to the question(s) that are going to be asked on a certain subject.

Knowledge Café has its genesis in the works of David Bohm, Juanita Brown and William Isaacs in the mid 1990s. Brown and Isaacs are the co-founders of World Café, which is described as a conversational process based on a set of integrated design principles that reveal a deeper living network pattern through which we co-evolve our collective future. As a…
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