What´s Marriage?

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What is marriage? Marriage is commonly known as a life commitment made by two people. The term marriage varies widely in different cultures all through the world. Marriage customs all over the world have differed from each other in various ways but they all symbolize the binding of two people. For young girls they have been dreaming of their wedding day and finding the perfect man. But for other young girls across the world they could be dreading their wedding day having being in an arranged marriage or being sent to a man whom they have never met. Some marriages are more commonly for love. This is not always true though while having a marriage was for power or money. Of course marriage would not be the same everywhere just like food or…show more content…
Arranged marriages are pretty common in some religions but for the Kasak men in Central Asia they arranged marriages for their newborn babies, this was done to create a strong bond between the two families. Back in Africa the young brides of Kenya usually thirteen or fourteen pack their bags and are given to a man they do not know. Later at their wedding ceremony the father of the bride spits on her head for good luck and leaves never to be seen by her family again. All these ceremonial customs involve the bringing of two people together in what is considered marriage.
Although there are two point of views in any marriage. Man and woman. For The Punjab men in India he may marry up to four times while woman can only marry once. There is one particular thing Punjab men do to obtain a fourth wife, which is marrying a tree. This is usually done after their second marriage to make their third wife their fourth instead. For whatever reason this is completely normal for them. This just classifies Punjab women as objects that men can collect to obtain a strong standing in society. The same goes for the men of Lagos. They are able to have what is called an inside and outside wife. The “inside” wife being an elite woman who had a civil wedding with him. The “outside” wife would be the woman a married man has sexual relations with. He also supports her financially and even has children with this woman. Both wives know of each other but do not say
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