What´s Pan Arabism Movement?

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Pan Arabism was a movement that reached its high point in the 60’s and 70’s that called for the unification of countries from North Africa and Asia to create a national Arabic identity. Although Pan Arabism was its own movement, it closely was tied with Arab Nationalism, which basically wanted a unified Arab country with lesser western political intervention. In this paper I will talk about what lead to Pan Arabism and how it came to become an actual movement. I will also cover Arab Nationalism because of its close relation to Pan Arabism. After I talk about Pan Arabism, I will talk about the importance of Arabic language to the actual Arabic identity and the efforts that are taken to prevent the downfall of this language. I will also cover the Politics of the time period of Pan Arabism talking about Nasserisim and the Bath Party. Lastly, and most Importantly, I will talk about unity in Pan Arabism covering the United Arab Republic, the Islamist Arabic Union, Maghreb Union, and many more. Basically, I will talk about what time frame these unions were introduced, what caused them, what their intent was, and why they failed if they did so. I also intend on presenting the case as to whether a true Arab identity exists and what makes it up. Initially, what caused the movements of Pan Arabism and Arab Nationalism to fail is inevitable political intervention of western nations. I also believe that language and geographic positions were not enough for nations to unify. That is what

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