What´s Poultry Genetics?

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Scientists and geneticists have worked tirelessly in order to produce a healthy bird that is profitable to the industry. In this paper we will look at the different trends in the industry, along with requirements of growing all types of poultry. We will also look into welfare concerns such as leg health and other issues that may occur because of genetic selection.

ii) Trends in Poultry Improvement Over the past sixty years the poultry industry has seen increased improvements in the area of poultry production all over the world. This increase can be contributed to both genetic development of poultry stock and the development of sophisticated production systems, which includes housing, nutrition, disease control, and management. Prior to the 1940s poultry production took place in rural areas such as backyards, and little was known about the genetic lines of poultry. Since then, scientists have gone to great lengths to increase the development of poultry genetics, which is why the poultry industry is so successful today. Over the past sixty years, the average weight for fifty-six day old broilers increased from 921 grams to 4,402 grams today, which correlates to an increase of over 500%. The increase in average body weight has been stated to be 85-90% due to the improvements in genetics, while the other 10-15% is due to how scientist have modified the feed efficiency of chickens, allowing…
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