Essay on What´s Strategic Sourcing?

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There is predictive monitoring and predictive capabilities out there that businesses are taking advantage of to increase their competitive abilities. Case in point – recently a major commercial aircraft provider was unable to deliver an aircraft order to a customer timely because their ashtray company went out of business. A major bus company was also unable to deliver an order of buses because the company that manufactured and supplied their bumpers also went out of business. These two examples illustrate the power of information and the need to source strategically. It is not just the delivery of a component that is at stake, but the most capable allies that manage your supplies and impact your ability to deliver in the marketplace. Strategic sourcing is the springboard for supply management – there are a lot of processes: whether forecasting and planning on the front end or back end supplier management and score carding. Strategic sourcing is where it all starts and you select suppliers that enhance your firm’s capabilities which affect your bottom line and enter into long-term relationships. You manage the performance of that supply base and on an on-going bases there are negotiations to drive value into the supply management and supply chain strategy. It incumbent upon organizations to understand what they are buying, who they are buying from, who they are buying it for and how much the organization is spending to meet those objectives. Across the enterprise and on a…

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