What's The True Meaning Of Stonehenge?

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There have always been many debates on what the true meaning of Stonehenge is. A numerous amount of people have lived around the monumental manmade structure, and yet no one truly knows what its purpose is. Along with the mystery meaning, a few thoughts of how they were created, and the stones moved, has boggled the minds of many. Religion has always been a key player when it comes to Stonehenge. Although there isn’t a lot of evidence that backs one main theory up, it appears that religion has been the main reason in a lot of people’s minds.

When someone hears the word calendar, they usually think of a decorative booklet that they hang on their walls. Then there are those who have been debating about the meaning of a very historic stone monument. Tracking the movement of the moon, sun, and stars was a very important task. There was a lot lying on the start of a new season, or solstice. Certain crops may have grown in one season. Rituals and ceremonies also rely on the changing of the seasons. Stonehenge has a major tie to these times. It is believed that
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There are also theories circulating on how the massive stones were moved. The largest stone in the circle is 50 tons, roughly 2,204 pounds. These stones were moved around 4,500 years ago. The weight isn’t the only odd factor in this situation. Stonehenge stones were moved over 200 miles. It is almost crazy to think that these people, who had no written language, figured out a way to move these massive stones 200 miles away from their starting point. They were moved across land and water. Geoffrey of Monmouth, a writer from the 12th century, gave a statement that “Stonehenge was carried bodily, on the orders of the wizard Merlin, no less, from Ireland to Salisbury Plain, where it was set down to be a place of healing.” Although this seems like a fun story to believe, there is, obviously, no proof of the great wizard Merlin having anything to do with the
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