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The evolution of the Spanish pasta market has not gone according to the expectations of the Spanish Association of Pasta Producers (AEFPA). They believe that the current consumption of 4 kg per person can be increased up to 5 kg per person within in the next two years but, the reality is that the expected boom, hasn’t come true. To push the demand forward the AEFPA has decided to run a high profile campaign in an effort to increase the consumption of pasta.

In order to be successful the AEFPA require information on:
- The market: quantitative data to establish a broader picture of the market in terms of market share and distribution: how much pasta is sold in Spain Vs similar markets, where is it sold: geographically and point of sale,
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- Sales per segment and per month.
These figures are a good starting point but they require further information at, for example, the point of sale. Some questions will arise that the quantitative research won’t solve, a qualitative approach may be required: Why are the small supermarkets and hypermarkets performing better than the traditional stores or even the larger supermarkets? To know more about product placement, we would have to either develop an observational research plan or send a survey to the store managers. All data must be crossed referenced with the rest of the data about the product and consumers in order to have more insightful information which to make impactful decisions with.

2º) The product input: The AEFPA has data per segment (plain, filled and composite pastas) about sales and also pricing. The sales difference between categories’ shouldn’t be compared just to the price (it would be very relevant of course, but it won’t be the only variable to take into account). We believe that further investigation should be done on consumer preferences.
It would be wise to conduct the study for these segments separately. Since filled and composite pasta appears to have performed particularly poorly, they might have been “miss-marketed” or “miss-targeted”. We would need to find out how to target and communicate these products separately as they shouldn’t have the same
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