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Jamarcus Hillard Mr. Linder Oral Communication 14 January 2016 What is an American? Harold Ickes was successful in presenting his speech by using great rhetorical devices appealing to his audience logically, emotionally, and ethics. As I read Harold Ickes’s speech the words summed up the emotion of the time so perfectly. The time was when Hitler and the Nazi army was headed for world domination. His intents were to influence American citizen to unite as a country. Ethos is one factor in creating the appeals of Harold Ickes’ speech. "We should be clear on this point. What is convulsing the world today is not merely another old-fashioned war. It is a counter revolution against our ideas and ideals, against our sense of justice and our…show more content…
Observing the rhetorical strength, Ickes probably had a vital effect on America’s decision. Work Cited Page
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