What´s behind Musician´s Dystonia?

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Thousand of musicians across the world suffer from Focal Dystonia. Not always correctly diagnosed or understood, it attacks what the musicians love the most: the music and what they most need: their hands, arms or voice. Facing life ahead with such a condition can become unbelievably difficult and challenging.

Dystonia is a neurological condition that affects a muscle or a group of them, causing involuntary movements and contractions. It´s called Focal Dystonia when it´s very focused on a specific area of the body. In the case of Musician´s Dystonia it appears in the parts of the body that they mostly use: Vocal cords for singers, hands for guitar, violin players, etc. Musician´s dystonia is in almost all the cases Focal, not affecting a wide range of parts of the body.

There are two main classifications for Focal Dystonia based on the causes: Primary and secondary. The first one is not caused by any external reason and is probably caused by a genetic component. The second one is occasioned by an external trauma or any other cause that can trigger the issue. In the case of musicians, the most of the subjects seem to fall under the second category: the repetitive movements of the same muscles would cause The Dystonia, even if there could be a genetic predisposition for it. There is not a clear cure for this problem and only some partial solutions as Neurological re-training or Botox injections seem to alleviate the problem, but not fix it totally.

Focal Dystonia is a

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