What's in a Detective?

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Detective: a person whose job is to find information about something or someone. This statement is a quite broad generalization, but does not denote what method used is required to be a detective. Two detectives come to mind, very different in nature and style of detecting. Neither of these abnormal characters would meet the universal image of a detective. Tony Cupelli and Christopher Boone’s detecting styles are determined by whether they are guided by emotions or by logic, how their lifestyles affect them, and their social circles. How is a detective supposed to think, using their emotions or their logic? Tony is obviously led by his emotions as he jumps from suspect to suspect attempting to decipher who the Sign of the Cross killer is, while Christopher believes everything has a logical explanation. Tony is a spiritually inclined person living in fear and guilt because of his secret sex life; this makes for a very jumpy and suspicious mind, especially after two of his lovers were killed. He suspects everyone around him basing his reasoning on how they make him feel. Christopher is sure of himself and is intelligent, which makes for a decisive and factual way of thinking. He does not eliminate anyone, but he also does not single out anyone, until he is able to learn more about him or her. The lifestyle of a person determines how they go about day-to-day life. Tony, as a priest, must be careful how he uncovers information and interacts with people due to the position he
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