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What's it Like After Death? Death: the final frontier. It is the last great adventure, but, sadly, most people do not know what this last adventure will be like or where they are going. So…what will it be like after death? Will it be torment, bliss, or will it just be nothingness? Fortunately, the Christian Bible will shed some light on this dark subject. The Bible says that after the mortal body is dead, the soul will live eternally in a place called Heaven or a place called Hell. Heaven is a place of eternal life with God where there is no suffering or pain. Hell, on the other hand, is a place of eternal punishment and separation from God. Where will you go? Do you know? The Bible says that wide is the…show more content…
The Bible claims that there is only one true God, and that He reigns with all power over the universe. He created the universe – the heavens, the earth, man, angels, everything, and He is the overseer of all of it. The Bible tells the story of how man and angels fell away from God and God’s dealings with his fallen creation – the story of God sending his only son, Jesus Christ, to redeem man. It tells of God’s creation of Heaven and Hell, and the purposes they were originally meant to serve and the purposes they serve now. The Bible is the basis for the Christian faith, and it is believed to be utterly true. The soul is a little harder to understand. The soul is the “spirit” part of a person. It is the part of a human that never dies; the soul is what will eventually end up in Heaven or Hell. The soul cannot be seen or touched, and it will never atrophy away. Webster defines the soul as the “actuating cause of an individual life” (Webster 1123) It is what makes each person a person. Personalities, emotions, and mental activity are all stored in the soul, and there is also a place for God. Without God filling part of the soul, a person will feel “empty,” and the person will also end up in Hell if he dies “empty.” People can fill this “emptiness” with Jesus Christ – God’s Son – and they will be complete and be free from the eternal torment of Hell. So, people will be eternally tormented in Hell? Yes, they absolutely will.

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