What’s the purpose of testing nuclear power in India?

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Introduction What’s the purpose of testing military nuclear power? It is true that most of nations may not be able to understand the purpose of it because there are some risks if the testing is conducted. For example, if nation tested nuclear devices, nation may be criticised from other nations due to danger of nuclear power. However, even though the testing is risky, some nations may decide to test nuclear power for some reasons in order to justify the testing. The case in India is no longer exception. The world was shocked by India as three underground nuclear devices were tested on May 11, 1998 and two additional nuclear devices were tested by India two days later (Perkovich 1999). As a result, India was criticised by some countries…show more content…
In March 1998, as a result of election, BJP won the election and the president of India gave the party opportunity to control India’s government (Perkovich 1999). Therefore, BJP were able to carry out policies on behalf of the government. In summary of the case, BJP had a big influence on India’s politics as the party won the election and focused on major domestic issues including nuclear policies at that time. Furthermore, India was governed by the party as the president gave opportunity to control its government. In terms of realism, India created a political community by giving major party whose policy is domestic opportunity to govern the state to exist domestically. Thus India got political autonomy and it can be one of the reasons why India tested nuclear devices in 1998. Survival Survival is one of objectives of realism and may explain the reasons why India tested nuclear devices openly in 1998. According to Baylis, Smith and Owens (2013), it is important for states to possess a power in terms of realism and it is defined in military strategy. However, no matter how much power states have, what is most important is to survive from the viewpoint of realism (Baylis, Smith and Owens 2013). This concept can be related to the case because India wanted nuclear power to be recognised as a nuclear power from other states

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