Whe Now I Despise Auditioning Analysis

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My summer went a little like how every teenager in America’s summer goes. Avoiding sunlight at all costs and pressing the ‘next episode’ button on netflix. The exception of this is the most marvelous thing that comes after ice cream and books. Theatre camp. I can’t begin to describe how it feels to perform in musicals in front of thousands of people. performing is taking all these people’s emotions and changing them with scenes and musical numbers. Then when you see the red velvet curtains close it feels like you're on the top of the world. Now the thing is directors don’t cast based on how you feel about the musical; they cast on your singing and acting abilities which i don’t have much of. That is how I ended up at theatre camp. As i was jamming out to broadway's best hits we pulled up to the stone building that I was going to call home for the next six weeks. The inside looked like a warehouse with a big stage on one side. 49 other sweaty teenagers and I sat and the director Mr. Chambers and the assistant director Ms. Grace. Explained what our life would be for the next six weeks.…show more content…
It is like taking everything you have ever worked for, competing against people you know that are better than yourself, and showing it to a group experts whose only job is to judge you. It is especially hard to do when something as big as your dream role in on the line. For the next two days i worked on perfecting every note in my song and every word in my monologue. I offered peer critique, and got it in return. The thing with peer critique or as ms. Grace called it “exchanging our knowledge of the arts” is it reminds you that even the best singers still can’t hit that high note perfect all the time or the funniest people still fumble with their jokes. In preparation to the big day I must have listened to the song “i can hear the bells” from the musical Hairspray; my signature song five billion times and even after that i still didn't feel
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