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Week 4 Discussion Question for Group B:

Group B

Oscar Miranda Reyes

Crystal Alexander

Tashia Orr

Lourdes Gonzales

Wenchey Johnson

Looking back on your business and personal experience, do you have any stories to tell that contrast the “old” and the “new” stories of leadership as Wheatley, describes them? Have you practiced or been informed by either leadership approach?

Wheatley (2007) describes the old story of leadership as “a story of dominion and control, and all-encompassing materialism.” It can be explained by analogizing it to a machine; a lifeless object that does not have the capability to think, feel, or make decisions. It, the machine, functions quite like the old story of leadership by where there are
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All collectors, new or seasoned were required to follow a script to collect on the delinquent loan accounts. Deviating from the script was frowned upon as management felt it was tried and true and had provided years of profitability for the organization. As a collector working the delinquent loan accounts, I found it difficult to stay on script because our customers were not using a script. Although many situations were similar they were not the same therefore, in my opinion required some deviation from the script. The organization was successful for many years until the early 2000s when the business was bought out by a larger organization.

The second organization that I worked as a collector for was completely different, using more the “new” story of leadership to motivate employees and to meet organizational goals. This organization provided the information that was needed to collect on the delinquent loans but discouraged the use of scripts. Management encouraged employees to think outside the box, be creative, and understand that every person and situation is different. The leadership team understood that not all situations are created equal and allow for flexibility in negotiating with customers. As Wheatley (2007) states the innate nature of people is to organize. When provided with the freedom to be creative people will organize

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