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Cathedral Heights
275 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City

A Feasibility Study on

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
College of Business Administration

Presented to:
Mrs. Cecile Baniqued

Presented by:
Christian Aris Guy
Jeffrey Jaramillo
Dianne Lozano
Janelle Ann Sotto


A. Company Name : House of Wheelchair
The business proponents came up with the House of Wheelchair as the name of the business. House of Wheelchair can be interpreted as one of the places within the campus that sets the perception to the persons with disabilities (PWD) that our dormitory serves and accommodates them with
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Financial Aspect * To be able to determine ways to make this project affordable to those who will benefit from it and at the same time, profitable for the business owners. Socio-economic Aspect * To be able to prove that the proposed project will benefit the students especially those with disabilities, as well as the University.

F. Scope and Limitation This study aims to establish a dormitory for the persons with disabilities (PWD’s) studying in Trinity University of Asia. The study will be based on the needs of the PWD’s students. It is focused on reducing burden of the PWD students coming to school. The scope of the study shall cover new respondents who will benefit from this project in the future. They are the new PWD students who will be enrolling in Trinity University of Asia for the coming years.
The dormitory is made only for ten(10) PWD students. The students is responsible to provide their foods and they can also cook at the dormitory. They can have their breakfast and lunch at the University canteen if ever or they can buy their foods outside. The kitchen will be provided with complete set of cooking tools. Bedrooms are big enough for each student but pillows, blankets, and other stuff is not provided for the students.

CHAPTER II MARKET STUDY Marketing is a system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute
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