Wheeler Magnet Personal Statement

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I believe that I will succeed in the Wheeler Magnet Program because of my strong interest in STEM, experience in Dodgen’s Science Olympiad Team, and personal achievements. I am very interested in the Wheeler Magnet Program as it will further challenge my intelligence and allow me to excel in the future. Being raised in a very STEM-centric family, I began to realize the importance of STEM at an early age from spending time with my parents during school breaks. My mother is a professor of electrical engineering at Georgia Tech and my father is a civil engineer who works for Georgia Power. I played around with Scratch and small robots when I was very young, spending a lot of time at Georgia Tech. What we, humans, can create fascinates me. I…show more content…
We are encouraged to be creative and hone our skills in an area of interest through these programs in STEM. Similar to having a major in college, students at a magnet school have a specialized area that they can take classes in, along with the basic academic courses. The senior internships allow for a deeper, hands-on, understanding of a topic that we are deciding to dedicate our lives to. Wheeler’s courses are well designed to challenge and guide students, allowing them to excel in the future. Students who are in this program are encouraged to regard events from many points of view and be more open minded, advancing us in life by interactions and communications. My middle school efforts and personal achievements have prepared me well to succeed in the Wheeler Magnet Program. I have always had a love for science and a desire to pursue and obtain information that allows me to further understand the world and the events within it. The Wheeler Magnet Program will let me participate and focus on the major subjects that affect my future, both in and outside of school. I would like to close by thanking you for giving students this opportunity to improve our own education through this
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