Wheels Behind Bars

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Wheels behind Bars My cousin, Elijah, is 33 years old lives in Queens, New York, where he engages in deviant behavior everyday. In 1997, he was arrested at the age eighteen, a night before his freshman year of college for manslaughter. Elijah did fifteen years of time and is now on probation. Elijah is stigmatized for his actions he once committed fifteen years ago and suffers the consequences his action caused. Growing up in a neighborhood where crime rate and social disorganization existed contributed to Elijah’s actions. Elijah’s friends were high school dropouts, sold drugs at the corner of the neighborhood and caused many ruckuses. Elijah has a disability; he is unable to walk, so growing up and being on a wheel chair had its challenges for him. He was always bullied for being different and not being able to do things other kids are freely able to do. He had no goals to get out of the slums of the neighborhood he called home for many years or to leave the dropout friends behind who were high off a plant with no future of success. He wanted to have a better life but one day, one wrong decision, one influence of a fish from a giant fishing net caught him in a trap. “With one millisecond of a shot, the deed was done. I let out all my frustration and anger. I ended what I thought what would be his judgment-his judgment of negative opinions towards me; but it was only the start, for which my action caused my own family, friends and strangers to criticize me. Maybe I did
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