When A Child Is Considered An Adult As Far As Criminal Charges Are Concerned?

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Juvenile Justice The assignment being completed within this report asked the author of the report a number of related questions that all pertain to the juvenile justice system. The first question is when a child is considered an adult as far as criminal charges are concerned. The second question asks whether it is consistent throughout all of the different and interconnected justice systems and frameworks in the United States. The last questions asks whether the escalation to an adult punish for a non-adult being charged is based on the crime that is committed or not. Question One The point in which a person is considered an adult, assuming the person in question is under 18 years of age, depends a lot and on a number of factors. The point in which that demarcation occurs can be in the early teens and can range all the way up to 17 years old. There are legal limits in place in terms of who can be charged as an adult despite being under 18 and they vary widely based on the jurisdiction in which the person is being charged, and that can range from local to state to federal jurisdictions (Nolo, 2012). If it is legally permissible for a child to be charged as an adult, it is usually because the crime is a repeat (if not mass-repeat) of prior offenses or the crime was truly egregious and/or heinous. If/when the line is crossed to charge a child as an adult (again, assuming it's even permitted) is at the discretion of the district attorney, the policy and sometimes even the

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