When A Man Loves A Woman

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When a Man Loves a Woman
Movie Media Review
Taylor Drake
University of Maryland University College

The codependent person works hard to control the behavior of their partner and, in doing so forgets what the roles and responsibilities are of each person in the relationship. When the relationship roles and responsibilities become blurred due to codependency, the relationship has just became one sided and could lead to over attachment or abuse which then can become an emotionally destructive relationship. Those with codependent tendencies usually have difficulty with healthy, mutually satisfying relationships. When a Man Loves a Woman is movie about a couple and their two children who are dealing with Alice’s (who is the mother) alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse affects all those in direct contact of the alcoholic. Many times the spouse of the alcoholic is an enabler and has codependency issues. Both alcohol and being codependent can break up a home. In this paper, I will discuss the characteristics of codependency and the signs of being codependent, using Michael (who is the husband) as an example. I will also discuss the types of treatment that are available. The characteristics that I choose that represent Michael’s behavior are, an unhealthy dependence on the relationship, poor communication, difficulty identifying feelings and difficulty adjusting to change. Michael showed unhealthy dependence on the relationship during Alice’s recovery when
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