When A Person Lives In A Certain Society For A Long Period,

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When a person lives in a certain society for a long period, they start to change as the world around them does. They adapt to the new cultures and social norms, the new people around them, the new rising economy, etc. There are many things that can cause significant change in someone’s life especially back in the 1900’s whether it be work related, maybe even related to family or their past. A character from the novel Out of This Furnace by Thomas Bell, Mike Dobrejcak, has been through many situations that have changed him as a person, such as his work, marriage, or even when he immigrated to the United States. So many things changed in his life, and because of these changes it helped Mike become a better person. In the early 1890’s,…show more content…
“They lived to themselves of necessity, speaking their own tongue, retaining their own customs. Their lack of curiosity about America… was more apparent than real; they had few opportunities to learn and experience taught them that curiosity was not admired,” (Bell 124). Mike was more interested in the American culture as well; applying for citizenship and gaining voting rights helped change his life. In this new economy, he felt like he could stand up for himself and give his opinion on political ideas whereas he could not do that before. Even though Mike still faced racism in his job, he was almost looked up to by other immigrants that he could read and write English. Coming to America was one of the most life changing decisions that he has made. Getting married was also an important decision that he made. Before they got married his wife, Mary Dobrejcak, was born in the United States and was working for a very rich family as a nursemaid. When they married, Mary gave birth to a baby boy. They moved to a new house in an alley to which both hated, but could not afford anything else. With a new house comes new responsibilities for the both of them. Paying rent was a struggle, especially when Mike’s work started cutting wages and now Mary worked to serve her family. After Mary had her second child, things started go downhill. “Mike was in debt to the landlord, the butcher, the grocer. Both he and Mary needed new clothes, new things

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