When Collecting Data For Sell

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1. When collecting data to sell, it would be important to get as much information about the person as possible so the company can know and understand who wants their product or who uses it. The billing information would be storied so the company could send out more advertisements or even different deals to the more loyal customers.. The race, demographic information, and the age would be kept in order to evaluate what kind of customer the company is reaching the most. This would be a great tool for the company to use so they know how to market their product or future products they may have available. I wouldn’t sell any of the information to another company. I don’t think the customer would appreciate their information being given out to people they haven’t authorized. I would however, give them the option to click a box that would allow other companies to send them advertisements if they wanted too. This would give the customer the feeling their information is private unless they wanted it to be given to someone else. 2. I wouldn’t treat each case the same. I would send information to advertisers in order to help them improve and grow their businesses if the customer had authorized this. I would give the law enforcement agencies whatever they needed as long as they had the proper documentation supporting their request. I would never give the news media anything. There would be no reason a news media should need or want the personal information of one of my customers. 3. I
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