When Consultants & Clients Clash

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Creating Customer Value & Customer Relationship Management

“When Consultants & Clients Clash”

1. At which stage of the relationship life-cycle would you position the business relationship between the Statler Group and the Kellogg-Champion Securities?

In order to elaborate and analyze this question, someone can base his opinion and his respective reasoning upon both the two models that we have discussed during the class. More specifically, we can position and perceive this specific relationship according to both “the five-stage evolution process” and “the relationship life-cycle” approaches. Thus, through my personal perspective, if at first we depend on “the five-stage evolution process”, which
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In fact, the associate chairmen of the two firms had just agreed in the opportunity and the necessity of joining their forces, while at the same time they either neglect or avoid discussing, enlightening and deciding upon both the deeper, crucial differences in terms of heritage, culture or vision and the several ongoing functional or operational details. The lack of communication and diffusion of the new elements, factors and directions is obvious both through the internal context of each firm -the employees are really unaware and uninformed- and through the overall, general dimension of collaboration and interaction between the two firms. In few simple words, the merging process is characterized by a major lack of perceived mutuality and essentially no sense of real synergy between the two sides. On the other hand, there are several points of mismanagement also from the side of the Statler group. At first, the consultancy firm showed several signs of inefficient performance in a Key Account Management level of function, since the preparation of this case was by far not the appropriate. The firm proved to be “weak” and insufficient when evaluating and balancing the situation and this resulted in wrong adjusting/matching between their qualities in terms of human resources and their clients’ needs. Moreover, the way that the selected
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