When Corporate Values Do Not Align with Personal Values

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When Corporate Values do not Align with Personal Values When an individual accepts a position at a company, it is important that they should first check that their values match the companies’ values. Often, the companies’ values are readily available and should be researched before the position is accepted, but in some cases, an employee will find out too late that they feel a conflict between their own values and their employer’s values. Every person has certain ‘Benchmark Goals’ that dictate what is important to them in life (Pace, 6). Some people value family, money, and some value having a career in a certain field. Employees in positions where there are conflicting values can be unhappy in their position, and it can carry over into…show more content…
If an open honest conversation is not possible, it might be time to apply for a position change, although potentially in the same company. This environment will keep all the employees in a negative mindset, even if they have values that match the companies and their coworkers. Another form of value-based conflict is when an individual’s values are not aligned with the company values. For example, Planned Parenthoods values states that they believe “That reproductive freedom is the foundation for true equality for women and men”. Someone who has religious or personal beliefs that disagree with that would feel uncomfortable working at an organization with those values (“Mission and Values,” 2012). Now, Planned Parenthood is a well-known organization with well-known values, but other companies might have similar values and employees who disagree with these statements may feel uncomfortable working for the companies that support them. In this case, if the employee feels very strongly against the organizational values, it will most likely be best to begin looking for companies that they will be able to feel comfortable at. Another example of this might be government, whose values and goals can potentially change every 4 years. Employees of the government might agree with the values for a position for a short period of time, but the structure may change when a new party Is elected. It is up to that employee to decide if they will support the government despite the differing
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