When Corporations Rule The World

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When Corporations Rule the World

David C. Korten’s book When Corporations Rule the World, analyzes the worlds economic development and argues that our economy is controlled by multinational corporations who’s interest is in profit and money and not in the well-being of society or the economy. Korten believes that the Government does not have enough power because we let the corporations get too big and gain too much wealth. He talks a lot about how these corporations are ruining our economy today and are eventually going to be the reason for human destruction. Korten analyzes the effects of these coporations and predicts a three-fold human crisis being the deepening of poverty, social disintegration, and environmental destruction. Korten believes the answer to hindering this globalization is to limit the power of these corporations and to bring the economy back to small business ownership causing a multilevel system nested economy. This multilevel system aims to be self-reliant, self-managing, and ultimately cause a more stable economy looking out for the rights of the people rather then focusing on profit. One major issure Korten brings up is the increasing poverty in our rapidly growing economy. To reduce this poverty he proposes two ideas, focusing on ecological sustainability and also equal distribution of resources to provide all people with identical opportunity. Korten uses the phrase “cowboy economics in a spaceship world” to explain our over consumption of
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