When Creating Curriculum Plans : Educators Should Interpret And Understand The Learning Context ( Or Learning Scenario )

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1. When creating curriculum plans, educators should interpret and understand the learning context (or learning scenario). Explain your interpretation of the scenario of your chosen curriculum plan. Students in Marika’s class show by their comments and actions, that they have a low understanding of multiculturalism and acceptance of other cultures. The student that makes the remarks is only repeating what he has heard. This is common in young children according to MacNaughton (MacNaughton, 2000). The student who made the comments indicates that he is unaware exactly who ‘boat people’ are, seeing as he made a reference to them in front of someone whom John’s parents would class as being one. Although the students actions can be interpreted that they have a strong opinion of the matter, they are in fact not educated enough to do this. Marika can see this as a chance to educate her class on how to embrace and accept cultures whilst teaching them what cultures are made of. As the scenario mentions that the school is an ethnically diverse school the educator must take these opinions of John, the Caucasian boy, seriously. As this point of view among students can affect the way the school environment in a way of bullying, and segregation among the student community and they’re diversity (AntiBullying Network, 2006). Marika is said to be shocked by what has been discussed between the students in the class about ‘boat people,’ but she isn’t the only one who will be affected if
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