When Cybersecurity Policy Is Discussed The Topics Often

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When cybersecurity policy is discussed the topics often focus on technology, corporate culture, and security awareness. The success of an organization in defending its most valuable asset, data, depends on the proper implementation of several security practices. Ensuring that the “human aspect” of cyber security is addressed is vital, for the culture of an organization can greatly impact both the security posture and defense of information networks. This paper addresses the human aspects responsible for SCADA System vulnerabilities and provides a holistic solution to ensure a solid defense. Then we will explore Zero day exploits and how they are employed as both military and economic tools. Next the topic of bringing your own device…show more content…
The NIST, in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), establish performance goals that should be met to enhance cybersecurity (The White House, 2013). Because compliance is voluntary, the standards set by the NIST came from industry best practices to appease private operators and ensure that the cybersecurity of the nation’s critical infrastructure was improved through compliance. SCADA Systems are pervasive throughout our nation’s critical infrastructures which govern many aspects of the population’s daily life. Travel, the movement of goods, essential utilities and basic life sustainment necessities are all dependent on properly functioning SCADA Systems. Executive order 13636 ensures that SCADA systems are integrated with and function in conjunction with other devices that report real-time health of operations. Should these systems be compromised, national security would be placed at risk. An example of vulnerable infrastructure are Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs) which are used for remote transmission of credit card transactions, and the transfer of data from SCADA systems to government classified systems (Storm, 2015). If these VSATs are compromised, they provide
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