When Daylight Became a Mere Spark

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Anthony Brathwaite February 13, 2014 Narrative Essay When Daylight Became a Mere Spark In some weird way parents always think that first day after the summer vacation is very exciting for their kids. They buy clothes all summer long searching for that right outfit for the first day. You could hear the many conversations between the adults, who is wearing what and how cute their little one are. I came to realize quickly that this event caused more excitement for them than for the kids. I remember my first day like it was yesterday and I can’t relate to the excitement that many parents have today. It was a normal day in Barbados. Sunrise was very beautiful, as it rides just beyond the cliff of the sea. A bright orange just five…show more content…
I knew if anything happened he’d be there to protect me. Just at that moment I was feeling some what comfortable in my skin, there was a startling clanging of the bell in the distance that made my heart want to race back home. Fear rushed into my body as I wrapped my arms around my brother holding on with all my might. I could just imagine how he must have felt, but he never said a word. As we were making our way to his class line, I heard a loud screeching voice pierce my ears with pain. “Excuse me boy, you need to get to your class line right now.” Not realizing she was speaking to me, I continued to stay with my brother. Maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing I did. The old, thin, wrinkled skin lady started marching in my direction holding a piece of bamboo in her hands. She glared at me and repeated even louder with more authority. “Get to your class line at once.” My world began to crumble before my eyes, and darkness quickly overshadowed me, until daylight was a mere spark. I remembered yelling to my brother, “Selwyn, Selwyn, please help me.” But my plea was in vain. The bright start of the day became the darkest hour of my life. Surrounded by strangers as these foreign eyes stared at me as the tears continued to stream down the cheeks. My heart was thumping in my body like a bass drum in a school band parade. Saliva was absent from my mouth and throat like a hot pot on a stove when the water has boiled out. I wish this
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