When Death Dies Where Does Death Go

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When death dies where does death go.
Good morning fellow poetry lovers I am Julian Nylen and I flattered to have this opportunity to share my iinterpitation of poetry. today I will be analaysing how the famous metaphysical poet, john donne has used poetic techniques and devices to develop multiple themes for his poem, death be not proud. The themes I believe he has developed are; That death should not be proud, Death is a transitional stage, and the belief that the eternal kingdom lies beyond
As I said John Donne is a metaphysical poet and he is often regarded to be the leading poet of this highly intelluctal form of poetry. Metaphysical poetry focuses on; love, life and existence. It uses literary elements of similes, metaphors, imagery, paradoxes, conceit, and far-fetched views of reality.
Donne initially wrote poems based on romance, but moved into more religious themes as his career matured. In his later life he converted from Catholicism to Anglicanism, the official Church of England. His later poems reflect his deep religious faith and his life as an ordained priest and dean of St. Paul 's Cathedral in London. Death Be Not Proud is a piece showing the religious undertones in Donne 's poetry.
Throughout the poem, Donne personifies death, speaking to death as though it is an actually physical entity. This personification allows donne to apply human qualities to death which in turn allows him to entertain an argument with death, which he eventually wins by using the…
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