When Designing The Hardware And Software Infrastructure

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Q1. Briefly explain following designing requirements that are requires when designing the hardware and software infrastructure: a) Storage requirements b) Network requirements c) CPU requirements d) Memory requirements Ans. There is one of the table which designing for hardware and software infrastructure. Software Hardware Programing system Hard disks for storage Operating system Power supply Internet explore Cluster services firewall Central processing unit Visual Basic (VB) Power supply Storage requirements: - storage requirements is first and most important in designing. A lot of consideration go into analysing the storage requirements. The physical size of the database, you need to consider the transaction growth rate and data distribution requirements. There are some topic which are assessing current storage capacity:- • Disk-space capacity • Disk throughput capacity • Locations and roles of database servers Network requirements: - all database administrators and infrastructure designers should have a nuts and bolts understanding of the topology of the network supporting the database servers because this impacts infrastructural decisions. There is some analysing current database network traffic services:- • Traffic between servers • Traffic between clients and servers • Potential bottlenecks CPU requirements: - central processing unit is the main part of the computer and also main part of our database server infrastructure. When you choose any CPU for
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