When Did The French Revolution Let The Genie Out Of The Bottle?

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Q8. When using the statement, "genie out of the bottle" they are metaphorically referring to the debate on democracy that was happening all throughout Europe and other parts of the world. The "genie" in my opinion is a representation of democracy. A genie was someone who would appear and grant you three wishes. Democracy in a way showed that the common people would be granted freedom, rights, and liberties. However, when asking genie to grant you a wish there is usually a twist linked with it. Democracy also involved its own twist, the common people would have to work together in order to achieve their goals. In my opinion I believe that the, "genie out of the bottle" happened even before the French Revolution. I believe that the genie was…show more content…
After the Americans had their own revolution it sparked fires in the common people. Seeing the idea of democracy achieved in America made France's common people believe that they to could achieve greatness. The French to had their own revolution, it had lasted 10 years. Sadly, the French Revolution in many peoples eyes did not succeed; however, it emerged future revolutions to come. The French Revolution let the genie out of the bottle by letting the common people know that it was possible. Anything was possible if they truly wanted it. The only thing that stood in the liberals ways were the conservatives. The conservatives did not like the idea of a democracy, they believed that they would be able to withstand the coming change. The ideas that were put into the common people's minds would not leave. They were going to bring change to France's government; in addition, there was nothing the conservatives could do to stop it. In summary, the French Revolution just set the stage for the future revolutions that it had inspired. Democracy was something that the people were not willing to give up on. With the genie out of the bottle it told other European countries that a democracy was possible. As you can see, once the idea of democracy had begun, it became
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