When Did the Women Get the Right to Vote Dbq

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By the time women began to fight for their right to vote, the majority of the people were against, on the other hand some men were, in some way, in pro, defending the woman suffrage. Women were the most interested people to get their rights, therefore, a lot of them wrote stuff to convince the people and the courts that they were able to choose people, that women also think and could have an opinion of some matter different than the breeding of sons that became free citizen and daughters that became slaves of the home. Women were always excluded from decisions, public decisions, especially in politics and the choosing of leaders. When people did not have the right to vote, and kings were chosen by divine right, women in the nobility…show more content…
(Doc 11). But men were also thinking about the church and the influence over the women, one of those men was Henry James. James said in a speech in the House of Commons, that clergy will manipulate women vote in such a enormous way, that women votes, will be like a double vote for the church. (Doc 3). The opinion and thoughts of the men who were against the woman suffrage were heavy, but at the same time senseless. For Example the way James thought was a weak argument by saying that the church will influence the women opinion about something.(POV2 ) Activists from both sides were trying to get people to follow them by showing some arguments that were kind of invalid at some point. As an example, in 1919 a speaker for a French senatorial commission said that the hands of women were not meant to be in a war, or in the choosing of senators or government people, their hands were meant to be kissed.(Doc 12). Thins gentlemen was just trying to put the women like a weak and illiterate human being, which duty in the world was breeding free men. On the other hand people that were in pro of the suffrage used social elements to attract people attention. Showing drunk, lazy, untidy men in such a way that the idea of men at the head of a nation sounded ridiculous and dumb, but in contrast showing the ladies as queens and high class women, with long dresses and hats with a million of feathers, thin and tall, majestic, serious, like a goddess.(Doc 8). Document

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