When Diving Into The Depths Of Buddhism And How A Non Theistic Religion Has Strong Morals

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Before diving into the depths of Buddhism and how a non-theistic religion has strong morals as well as heightened sense of life. It is important to take a step back and see how Buddhism started out. Siddharhta Guatam was born into the rulers of a small kingdom near the present border of north India. Legend says that Siddhartha was born he was examined by several holy men who announced that he would be a great leader. He lived a life of luxury and at the age of sixteen met his wife Yasodhara and soon had a son Rahula. At that point he seemed to have everything h would ever need in life; however, he left his family and took it upon himself to find out about the origin of suffering and how to overcome it. He started out as a traveling monk who pushed his body to its near breaking point. Realizing that this was not the path to enlighten he was seeking he decided to try a different way. He began to meditate very deeply until one day his mind became clear and he understood the circle of life. From that point he started teaching to the men, women and the untouchables, which was unheard of at the time. Also at that point he received the title of the Buddha or awakened one. Buddha spent the next forty-five years of his life teaching the principals of Buddhism. Siddhartha 's journey started out to figure out the origin of suffering and through enlightenment taught his followers a variety of lessons throughout the rest of his life. Buddha passed down several important lessons that
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