When Does Hamlet To Kill Claudius

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Hamlet went through a series of events that depict his character, two of them were events that show this through the reactions he had in the situations. In act 3 scene 3 Hamlet had the opportunity to kill Claudius but does not, this is only due to the reason he gave himself, this was because he was praying. “And now I’ll do’t. And so he goes to heaven; And so am I revenged. That would be scann’d…”(Hamlet).This quote really signifies his choices. Furthermore, he comes to show why he does not hesitate to later kill Polonius because it was due to his impulse. Hamlet did not realize that it was Polonius behind the arras and not Claudius, he was actually going for Claudius at the time, so he gave a fast reaction by putting the sword through the
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