When Does Terrorism Occur In The United States

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I think the reason why terrorism is so confusing to our governments these days is because the terrorists themselves are not using the normal pattern of things to get or show their will. I honestly think there is not much rhyme or reason behind the terroristic attacks we have seen of late, other than to cause mass confusion and panic amongst those who suffer from the attacks. In my mind and the way I have always thought until recently, the whole point for terroristic attacks was to over throw the government from within the country or locale the attack took place. However, with the latest ISIS tthreats, attacks, warnings etc and since the bombing of the World Trade Center I do not see any rhyme or reason for the attacks other than to show the terrorists were able to accomplish such a thing.…show more content…
But for me I honestly believe the only reason why we have had such tarroristic attacks of late has been simply because the terrorists wanted to show us that they were able to get into our country and do whatever they please without us knowing until it was too late what was happening. I also think until we get a better handle upon those that are able to so easily come into our country the terrorist attacks will not
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