When Does Tiresias Tell Creon Analysis

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He has so much pride that he is unable to listen to others because he thinks he knows everything. When people tell him something, he always fights back even though they may be right. He is a very rude person and likes to tell others what to do. When Tiresias tell Creon that he is treating the city bad, he starts to get into a fight with Tiresias and Creon starts to talk bad about Tiresias, “Old man, you pot away at me like all the rest as if I were a bull’s-eye, And now you aim your seer craft at me. Well, I’m sick of being bought and sold by all your soothsaying tribe. Bargain away! All the silver of Sardis, all the gold of India is not enough to buy this man a grave; Not even if Zeus’s eagles come, and fly away with carrion morsels to their
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