When Eddie Meets In Heaven

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When you imaging heaven, what do you think it would be like? In this particular movie an elderly man named Eddie has a very unique experience of going to heaven, where he meets five people. Before he passed away, Eddie worked at an amusement park called Ruby Pier. When he was just a little kid, his dad worked there and he would go to work with him a lot, so he got to know the park very well. He ended up working as the maintenance man until he was 83 years of age. One day one of the rides broke down, and it was falling towards a little girl who Eddie tried to save. As he died, he felt the little girl's hands but he wasn’t sure if he saved her or not. While he is in the afterlife, he meets five different people who each have a lesson to teach him. Of those five people who he meets in heaven, the three most important are, the blue man, the war captain, and Tala. Between those three, the least important was the one taught by the Blue Man. Although his lesson was very important it wasn’t the greatest of the three. All of the people who Eddie meets relate to his past in some way, even if he doesn’t know them. By talking to the Blue Man, Eddie learned that…show more content…
Coincidentally, the little girl who taught this lesson was at the military camp as well. She got trapped in one of the burning buildings, and that was who Eddie saw and almost died trying to save. Horribly, she burned to death and when Eddie was informed of that he felt a ton of guilt. While in Heaven, he remembered feeling a little girl’s hands as he died and when he asked Tala if he had saved the girl in time she told him that he did. When Eddie died, he was feeling Tala’s hands grabbing his, and he saved the girl who was standing under the ride by pushing her out of the way. Even though he had only briefly met this little girl before and didn’t really know her, he still saved her because all life has
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