When Everything Changes, Change Everything

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When Everything Changes- Change Everything? How do you deal with change? Are you a change-agent or a mere resistance to change? Are you intimidated with the possibility, and have the pessimistic ‘what-if’ personality? Do you change the change itself by physical or clout power? Or are you strong and welcome the possibility of something new? How do you take change? How should you take change? I guess I just flustered you with my mountain of enigmas. Sorry! I would still like you to answer those questions to yourself, so we both can really get involved with each other, during the progression of this topic- Change. Let me begin by introducing this little menace. My “unemotional” Oxford dictionary feels that change makes somebody/something …show more content…
Some people might have numerous longings while some specific, some of them might have longings varying from time to time while some might have them anchored for a short period, or a very long one, which becomes their utmost desire. We can thus refer to this constant shifting of longings as the ‘swinging’ like the ‘pendulum,’ as Em refers to it. She reinforces the above stated statements through those references. A pendulum tends to have a to-and-fro motion throughout its healthy working life. This to-and-fro motion over here clones the to-and-fro motion of our desires, either wanting something very bad or not wanting it at all; the longing for it to happen or the longing for it to not.
With our endless yearnings, maybe, we almost seem to keep on ‘swinging’ our thoughts, emotions, and feelings etc…. The ‘pendulum’ of reality keeps on swinging in a to and fro motion through a space-time continuum; however the ‘pendulum’ of longings is not that immaculate. A human with his encumber load of longings, if swings like a ‘pendulum’ would tend to get ‘lost’ or even become as vulnerable to become ‘thieved like a criminal.’ As I previously elaborated about being confused about our desires, to an extent that our behavior becomes as of a pendulum, we can safely interpret that one of Ems’ implied meanings of that imagery
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