When Faced With The Debate Between The Relationship Between

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When faced with the debate between the relationship between slavery and racism, scholars often use two arguments that attempt to provide an answer of whether or not slavery produced racism or racism was a necessary precursor to slavery. Some authors address the relationship between slavery and racism by exploring the economics behind slavery while relating it back to the development of chattel slavery and racism. Others explore how the views Europeans had on Africans prior to the mass enslavement and argue that these interpretations came from racial differences. This led to not only slavery, but the growth of racism seen not just in early America but that is deep seeded in many people even today. When reviewing the works of many authors,…show more content…
Although, E. Morgan discusses how early colonist displayed racial tensions towards the indigenous tribes that were in Virginia, his larger argument was that the racism towards Africans and African Americans stemmed from the larger hostilities towards members of the lower class structures and the economy. Free and enslaved Africans and African Americans were almost destined to be a part of the lower class. Slavery helped this destiny as many children who were mulatto or black deemed slaves, transposed into an economic gain for the slave owner. However, unequal taxation by the state of African American men and women also prevented the raise in social status. Black Majority by Wood, also explores how the economy and the enslavement of Africans created the strong racial tensions. Wood, like E. Morgan, discusses the decision of using African American or African slave labor was an economic and a seemingly sensible choice. Africans or African American laborers were ideal because they could be held for an indefinite time, they could not report abuse back to their families, they were not involved in any immediate diplomatic relations for the colonist like the indigenous tribes, and they were cheaper to transport unlike the white European laborers. According to Wood, it was the rampant enslavement of Africans and African Americans that produced racism in the Americas. Wood, like E. Morgan discusses how the growing
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