When Fear Controls Your Life

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Mohammad Al-Abdullah Professor Dail English 101 10 September 2016 When Fear Controls Your Life The path of life is not always smooth. There are ups and downs, sharp bends and unclear turns. Sometimes you are so bent on your reaching your destination that you blind yourself to other opportunities that life presents. This was my predicament before I joined college- an overzealous academician who was eager to conquer his dreams. Therefore, it came as a surprise when I learned that apart from attending classes, I would be expected to participate in at least one sport co-curricular activity. This was my father’s personal policy. He took it upon himself to ensure that all his children developed their athletic skills. I fought against this ideology. I told him that I did not have an athletic bone in my body. I even complained that adults are not supposed to be told what to do. I argued relentlessly. Needless to say, I lost miserably. “Co-curricular activities help in the development of the mind and body,” my father insisted-and took it upon himself to explain to a belligerent me. He even offered to go with me to college to meet my coach. “I do not need babysitting,” I said grudgingly. He then gave me a handbook and asked me to pick my sport. I knew I had lost the fight. The sports offered at my college included: soccer, basketball, hockey, badminton, cricket, rugby, volleyball, and swimming. After much thinking and critical analysis of each sport, I decided to settle for

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