When Going Into This Class I Was Very Excited About Our

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When going into this class I was very excited about our event project. I have participated in two golf tournament fundraisers for my high school, CrossPointe Christian Academy, and I really enjoyed helping with those events. I was very excited and curious on how a video game tournament would go. I was looking forward to the challenge, and the overall learning experience it would be. This paper is a reflection on the preparation for the event, and the actual execution of the event itself. I chose to join the sponsorship and non-event events group. We were in charge of finding sponsors, finding items for the silent auction, and hosting the bake sale. In our first meeting it became very clear that Allen was taking charge of our group. Our…show more content…
Every time we had a meeting and Kevin brought it up, he would suggest the IT building, or Hollis, or potentially doing it at a hotel banquet hall, in which we would shuttle people to it. Kevin 's self-role of "idea man," hurt the event. He would suggest these crazy elaborate events that we could do or new potential features for the event or locations, but he wouldn’t help us accomplish or figure out these ideas. At one point he brought up putting together a silent DJ party in the parking lot. This would be a great independent event, but it didn’t make sense for us to spend an entire day of planning talking about this, when everyone in the class new that it would be too much work to accomplish within a few weeks, when we hadn’t even secured the tournament location. Half of the meetings he sat in, he just talked about different video games that his players liked. One day he spent the majority of the time showing us a video game tournament on YouTube, because “it looked cool.” I think Kevin 's leadership really hindered the overall outcome of the event. I don 't believe randomly throwing out extravagant ideas results in a good manager or leader. Another thing that I believe that ultimately hindered our group was Allen 's hand on approach. That being said I am not criticizing Allen, without his passion and leadership the event would not of been as successful. Although, two different occasions I went to him and asked

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