When Great Food and Good Teams Go Bad at Café Hip! Essay examples

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Executive Summary

As a Hospitality Industry Consultant, I have been selected to solve Café Hip’s problems. In this report, I address the problems at Café Hip, power issues between the executive chef Ritchie Gravy and the food and beverage (F & B) manager Michelle Cook and how might playing with the power structures affect Café Hip. Analyzing the information provided by Café Hip, there is a way out suggestion given for neutralize Ritchie’s power without effecting performance, using teamwork, teambuilding, mentoring and coaching solve the continuation of toxic emotions in Café Hip.


This report is about the problems in Café Hip, power issues between the two key persons of the business, neutralization of extensive power
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In this situation there are two things happening, Ritchie Gravy is empowering and lack of leadership from Harry Soliman.

Now if we analysis the situation here in a straight line it seems more like, kitchen staffs are the tough guys of the organization who are making the money for the business so obviously management not arguing about anything with them even though they do wrong things with other floor staffs as floor staffs are easier to find. As management thinks like in this way so even though the floor staff is competent in work they can’t really perform the best out of them which results affect on business.

Obviously Ritchie holds quite a bit of power even though Michelle is above him in formal authority. Given this, what power issues are in play in this case and how might playing with the power structures affect Café Hip? How do you suggest Café Hip neutralize Ritchie’s power without effecting performance?

Empowerment addresses the power inequality inherent in subordination. Food and Beverage manager Michelle Cook is above Executive chef Ritchie Gravy in formal authority but she is subordinate because Ritchie is in a relational position of power over her. Empowerment, therefore, concerns releasing the shackles placed on floor staffs by kitchen staffs who have power in Café Hip. In this case, as management is empowering the
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