When Hope For Spells Problems

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When “HOPE” Spells Problems Root Problem The root problem is that HOPE recipients’ confidential information was able to be leaked over the search engines because of technicians’ human error by not transferring over the vital file to the servers when they performed a software upgrade. However, although this breach of confidential information was known, measurements was not quickly put in place to have the matter rectify, to prevent more threats. The relevant authority although being aware of this serious matter, failed to inform the students, therefore the trust was lost and a major concern to future recipients about the safety and security of their confidential information. Symptoms of When Hope Spells Problems The technicians after installing an upgrade due to human error failed to copy the vital file that would prevent search engines from gaining access to confidential information. These technicians may or may have not had the technical knowledge or experience to perform such action or may have simply overlooked this process, assuming that all was ok. The technicians did not run a trial and/or troubleshoot to ensure that the upgrade was properly installed/completed and all measurements were in place before going live. Had the technicians ran a trial session or troubleshoot then it would of being noticed that the students confidential information was being breach and leaked to search engines. HOPE was negligent to ensure that due to the nature of such confidential

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