When I Came Home Analysis

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When I Came Home film is a documentary movie about Harold Noel an Iraqi veteran who came home from Iraq and suffered from homelessness. It talks about him coming back to nothing, living in Jeep car for a long time and being frustrated that the government doesn’t do much to help those who are coming back. As Harold mentions that “it’s like him against society” or “I thought that I would get respect but I get more respect in the military” (When I Came Home, 2003). Herold Noel was serving 3rd infantry, 7th cavalry in the U.S Army.
The story talks about Harold from first going in to coming back. When first going in, he was excited about service, and thought that he would be able to support his mom and family financially. Harold has three children,
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PTSD sufferers can be affected in many ways such as emotionally, cognitively, behaviorally and all of those combined have a negative effect on their relationships with people overall and family and friends (The Costs of Courage, 2012). A lot of them start having issues such as divorces, domestic violence which eventually leads to homelessness. Since DOD (Department of Defense) doesn’t have enough funding to hire more mental health professionals a lot of coming back home and active duty veterans are not receiving the adequate healthcare which can be provided to the service members and their families (The Costs of Courage, 2012). They feel hopeless and unneeded. I definitely agree that they are not getting the help they need or deserve. Neither the DOD nor VA have ever received the correct and needed amount of funding to help with the combat stress needs of worriers and their families (The Costs of Courage, 2012). If we look at Nicole Prince a veteran from the film who has a little baby but she isn’t getting the help she needs and she began giving up (When I Came Home,
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