When I Cheat Research Paper

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When you cheat in class, I believe you are cheating yourself. You are cheating your own knowledge and what you’ve been taught. For example, you learn all this information in class about a specific topic. After taking all the notes and learning everything that the rest of the class learns, you still cheat on the test. Even though all the notes and information is right there as a study tool, you cheat yourself to an A. I believe that when you cheat, you are just mentally throwing everything away. What’s the point in taking the notes and paying attention in class if you’re just going to turn around and not use any of that knowledge? If you cheat in class, I feel as if you are cheating yourself of an education. You’re cheating yourself of excelling and raising above others. Everyone can be good in school, it's the people who don’t try or care that tend to cheat. Those kids who cheat their way through school are missing out on having a great education and getting a job they like when they graduate. If you cheat in school and get a job you don’t like, then you are not going to have the life you wanted to have.…show more content…
Once one person starts to cheat, everyone else thinks they should too. A functionalist would look at the dysfunctions of cheating. Getting kicked out of school is a big dysfunction of cheating. Also, cheating can result in not having the proper skills needed to have a job. In addition to the dysfunctions, a functionalist would also look at the manifest and latent functions of cheating. A manifest function of cheating could be as simple as wanting to pass the class, getting the A on the final. A latent function of cheating could be being top in your class, maybe even getting a
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