When I First Arrived At Robertson Electrical And Mechanical

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When I first arrived at Robertson Electrical and Mechanical Sales and Service (REM) in Van Buren, Arkansas, I met with Mr. Butcher and we sat in his office. Mr. Butcher and I began discussing sales, past experiences, and my future in the business world. He explained his history as a salesman, and his experiences with his previous company. Mr. Butcher explained the different types of sales, such as customer centric, and product centric. Having learned the difference in economic buyers and relationship buyers, this concept made a lot of sense. Mr. Butcher explained the importance of having two ears, and one mouth. During the follow-up visit we experienced later in the evening, I saw firsthand the importance of listening. I asked various…show more content…
Mr. Butcher and myself entered the Dixie Cup Plant and met the plant’s service technician in order to discuss performance and maintenance of the electric motors. Mr. Butcher explained the importance of the maintenance of relationships before we arrived at the factory. He explained that if you do not take care of your customer, there is always another salesman from a competing company that will. The goal of the follow-up visit was apparent, we were there to show how much we valued their business with REM. Mr. Butcher talked very little as the technician showed us the different electrical motors that REM had previously serviced. The technician was complaining about paint chipping throughout various parts of the plant. Mr. Butcher asked the technician how the coatings on the motors were holding up. The technician then made a suggestion that the coatings were probably peeling like the rest of the factory. Mr. Butcher then asked to see the motors. As Mr. Butcher shined a flashlight under the work tables, he pointed out that the coatings were very much intact and holding up well. Importantly, my salesman never delegitimized nor downgraded the coatings, or dismissed the quality of the competing motors. Mr. Butcher simply pointed out the obvious facts of the difference in quality between the brands and service. The floor technician continued to talk about how the motors were holding up, while my salesman listened and took

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