When I First Started Online, I Started On Blogger.Com -

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When I first started online, I started on blogger.com - also called Blogger or BlogSpot. What drew me to it? It was a great way to start a free blog and at the time that was all I needed to know. My experience with Blogger helped me figure out if I enjoyed blogging and which direction I wanted to take with my blogging. If you are not sure if you want to be a blogger or make money from blogging, then skip the costs of buying a domain and hosting and start up a free blog on Blogger to give blogging a test run. Yes, it 's true you have more freedom to do what you want when paying for a self-hosted blog, but blogging for free helps you to learn the ins and outs of blogging and ensures you don 't waste money on something you may not end up…show more content…
3. Automatic Spam Detection You don 't have to worry about spam when you are on Blogger. They have an automatic spam checker, and it is really good at catching all those nonsense spam comments that people leave. Spam comments are solely written for the purpose of trying to get you or your readers to click out to a site or product. They are usually full of nonsense. You may not get a ton at first, but you will find that you get more and more of them as your blog starts to gain popularity. 4. People Will Find Your Blog Quicker (And Vice-Versa) I find that on Blogger, there seems to be a community of people that can easily find your blog. Normally for people to find your blog, you need to rank in the search engines or get social on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, and get people to talk about your blog. But, on Blogger, I 've found that people find your site easier through the blogger.com network. You can also find other people who blog about similar interests by going into your profile and clicking on the industry, occupation, location or any other keywords that you that you have chosen. (Learn more about that here.) 5. If You Decide To Continue Blogging Full-Time, You Can Easily Transfer To Something That Gives You More Control If you decide you like blogging and want to get more serious in your blogging journey, you can easily get a

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