“When I Have Fears” and “Mezzo Cammin” Essay

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Stephanie Villalobos Mr. Domingo AP Literature; Period 2 August 23rd 2010 “When I Have Fears” and “Mezzo Cammin” Essay In the two poems, “When I Have Fears” by John Keats and “Mezzo Cammin” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, both of the poets deal with the death that they believe is quickly approaching them and think back to their regrets in life. Keats during the time when this poem had been written had just seen his brother die of tuberculosis and due to this he believed he too would soon die. Longfellow at the time writing his poem had been 35 and due to this was most likely experiencing a mid-life crisis. Similarities between the two poems include the poem’s theme and the thoughts of death that the two men are dealing with. The main…show more content…
The two poems correspond to one another through similar themes and details covered. Both the writers deal with the regrets that they will have in their lives with a negative tone. Their aspiration to continue to write is experienced by them both although by Keats in a higher amount. Keats expresses this through lines 1-12 of his poem and Longfellow by his goal “to build/Some tower of song with lofty parapet” (2-3), because he too is a writer. The two poem’s structure included a rhyming scheme in order to point out important phrases and lines in the poems, such as the ending couplet in Keats’ poem. Both of the poems have similar themes throughout their poems as well. Although they are expressed differently they both share a theme dealing with time moving by quickly and to live a life with no regrets. The similarities in the poem deal with similar topics expressed throughout the poem dealing with Keats’ and Longfellow’s fear of death. Differences between the two include the structure and the different images, metaphors and diction that they give off along with their different train of thoughts while writing the two poems. Their thoughts of the subject of death are able to relate to a variety of people because everyone is just human and cannot last forever. Just as these two poems show similar ideas can branch off into many different ideas and interpretations. The desire to continue to
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