When I Hear The Words `` Eating Disorder, So Many Things Go Through My Head

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When I hear the words “Eating Disorder”, so many things go through my head. A sort of obsession around the topic has plagued my brain since I was thirteen years old. As a twenty-one year old, I can now recognize where it all went wrong, how a lot of minor meal constrictions turned into a full blown illness. As long as I can remember I have always been weird about food, not wanting it to touch, not trying new things or eating anything with sauce on it. When I began eighth grade this became the most apparent. Middle school is a weird time, half of your friends are turning into women, while some are still girls in the eyes of doctors. Regardless, everyone thinks that this time period is the end of the world. During my eighth grade year, my middle school introduced uniforms, collared shirts tucked into khakis with a belt. I still hate uniforms, but as a thirteen-year-old who was not pencil thin, the idea of tucking your way to tight Hollister polo into khaki pants made my skin crawl. I began obsessively checking myself in the mirrors at school, comparing how my curvy hips looked compared to my friend’s thin legs. I began saving up and spending fifty plus dollars on shape wear from Belk, skipping meals and researching “crash diets”. This is the first time my mother asked me if something was wrong. I can still remember the day she cried, asking me if I could leave the house without wearing the ridiculous shape wear under my uniform? Of course I said yes, but I am pretty…
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